Life is all about competition. When we were kids, we fought our siblings for the last cookie in the jar. When we were teenagers, we fought for a spot in higher education. When we became adults, we fought for jobs. And throughout life, we fight for love (…coincidentally, today is Valentine’s Day). Participating in competition prepares us for battle in everyday challenges, and whether we win or lose, we learn to accept the result with confidence and resiliency.

How does competition relate to exercise? Well, we all know we should exercise more often to reap the physical and mental benefits, but finding motivation is one of the biggest barriers. One easy way to find motivation is by joining a competitive sports league. You will be more likely to exercise regularly in accordance to your game schedule, and the social interaction makes exercise more fun and enjoyable, too. The league must be competitive, even at a recreational level, because competition kicks the benefits of exercise up a notch. It brings out the best in us.

Your opponents push your limits and compel you to train and practice hard in between game days to perform better. During a game, the adrenaline allows our bodies to perform in a heightened state, sometimes even making us feel a bit superhuman. We can crank out that last bit of energy much easier than if we were casually playing. By playing at a higher level of intensity, we can also expect to have increased energy, mood, and self-esteem carry over to everyday life. It may very well help you stay competitive and successful in your career. It’s no coincidence that the best athletes in the world also happen to be the most competitive – just look at Kobe Bryant.

Many municipalities have local sports leagues to join. For example, Toronto has the Toronto Sports & Social Club (TSSC). Look around and get involved! If you have any nagging injuries or conditions hindering your participation, get them addressed by a physiotherapist today. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your readiness.

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