If you want to get in shape, how do you plan on doing so? Do you think about getting a gym membership? Perhaps joining a rec league? There’s nothing wrong about either (and other) options, but fees and scheduling can be prohibitive. So how can we improve our fitness if such barriers are present?

One of my favourite ways to stay in shape is to run to a local park, do exercises in the playground, and then run back home. The running serves as a warm-up and cardio component to the workout. Many people go to a gym, but I seldom see people taking advantage of a free playground. Unless you have specific weight training goals, there are many effective exercises that can be done with just your body weight – pull ups, push ups, planks, lunges, step ups, and so on. It is easy to modify exercises to your ability as well, and if so inclined, a cheap resistance band can expand the possibilities even more.

Of course, if you have pain with some movements, you want to get a proper physiotherapy assessment and address the issue first. But for most of us, a playground is all you need to get in shape. There is no good excuse in gym membership costs or conflicting schedules because there are playgrounds all around us. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, motivation, and maybe a workout buddy to get us going.

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