Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bill my extended insurance company directly?
We can directly bill the following insurers: Blue Cross, Green Shield, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, CINUP, Cowan Insurance Group (managed by Express Scripts Canada), Desjardins Insurance, First Canadian, Great-West Life, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit and Sun Life Financial. Please note that if your benefits policy does not cover the full cost of the treatment, you will need to pay for the remaining balance at the end of your session.
Does AHS cover this home physiotherapy service?
No, PTology is a private physiotherapy service and is not under contract to AHS to provide publicly funded services.
I was injured at work. Can you bill WCB?
Unfortunately we do not take WCB cases at this time.
I was in a car accident. Can you bill my auto insurer?
If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), you may be eligible for physiotherapy covered by your insurer. Please contact us to provide the details of your situation, along with your claim and policy number, name of your adjudicator, and name of your auto insurance company.
Do I need a doctor's referral?
No, you do not need a referral to start treatment because physiotherapists are primary healthcare providers. However, if you are using extended healthcare benefits, some insurers require a doctor’s note for physiotherapy costs to be reimbursed. Please check with your insurer to ask about the documentation requirements of your policy.
If I have physiotherapy care benefits, do I still need to pay upfront?
If your insurer is not eligible for direct billing, you will be responsible for paying upfront and receive an invoice for you to submit for reimbursement. Additionally, if your policy carries a co-payment, you will be required to pay your portion.
I've tried several forms of therapy and therapists before, but my symptoms still persist. What can you do differently to help me?
Each health discipline and even therapists within each discipline has a different set of techniques and approaches to injury. PTology’s treatment approach focuses on patient education, manual (hands-on) therapy, simple yet effective exercises, pain management modalities, and a strong commitment to put you in charge of your own health. If you are not achieving the expected results or your symptoms are outside of our scope, we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider right away.
I do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay out of pocket. Is there anything you can do for me?
We believe in accessible physiotherapy care to maximize your quality of life. To that end, we strive to do our best to accommodate your individual circumstances. Please contact us to discuss how we can best look after you.
Can you provide physiotherapy in a hospital or nursing home?
Yes. It is advisable to check with the hospital or home’s policy on external healthcare providers. Typically an agreement must be signed and approved by management before treatment can be provided.

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